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KIK Activated-charcoal filter elements

KIK activated-charcoal filter elements are a combination of adsorber and particle filters. The activated charcoal is filled into the space between an outer sheath and an inner tube, both made of PE-porös.


• ease of handling
• variable dimensions
• different filtration grades
• user-specific selection of activated-charcoal

Solids are retained by the outer sheath of PE-porös, so they cannot coat the surface of the activated charcoal, thus increasing the service life of the activated charcoal as well. The inner tube prevents the discharge of even the finest charcoal dust.

KIK Activated-charcoal filter elements


• Protection from harmful gases and dusts
• Prevention of unacceptable smells
• Prevention of emissions
• Elimination of scents and flavourings

Alternatively, charges of other adsorbers, impregnated adsorbents, or ion-exchange resins can be used.

CarryPor® - Filter elements

With CarryPor® KIK offers a family of filter elements for various applications:

• Adsorption and absorption
• Gas separation and ion exchange
• Catalyst or catalyst carrier
• Immobilization of microorganisms

The particular active ingredient—adsorption agent, ion-exchange agent, catalysts, and so on—is fixed in a polymer matrix, thus forming dimensionally stable bodies that can be used and handled like conventional filter elements. Their functional and flow properties can be customized within a wide range by selection of the components.